The National Native Title Council, the Peak Body for Australia’s Native Title Organisations and the Federation of Victorian Traditional Corporations are proud to announce that they will jointly be hosting the 2019 Native Title Conference: Land, Rights & Recognition!

The Conference will be held at the iconic MCG, Melbourne on Monday and Tuesday 3 and 4 June.

The Conference will bring together Australia’s native title and land rights leaders with a primary aim of developing strategies to integrate the land rights and native title movement with the development of First Nations Treaties and Constitutional Recognition. The Conference promises to be a watershed in a new era of relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia.

Day 1 of the Conference will be open to delegates generally. The day will feature nationally prominent speakers who will address the key issues of the role of land rights and land rights organisations in a National Indigenous Voice to the Parliament and how these organisations will interact with the outcomes of state-based treaties such as that currently under negotiation in Victoria.  The day will conclude with a Gala Mabo Day Dinner in the Dining Room of the MCG.

Day 2 of the Conference is open only to members and employees of Native Title and other Land Rights Organisations and will involve specialist sessions on topics such as land and compensation claims, PBC Governance, Native Title anthropology, and Economic Development.

Program Overview

0800 Registration Opens
Betty Cuthbert Lounge, Level 2
0900 Conference Opening:

  • Welcome to Country – Auntie Di Kerr
  • Cultural Performance – Djirri Djirri 
  • Organiser’s Welcome 
    • Jason Mifsud – Chair FVTOC
    • Jamie Lowe – Chair NNTC
  • Opening Remarks: The Challenge Before Us  
    • Marcus Stewart CEO FVTOC 
1030 Morning Tea
1100 Keynotes A:

  1. The Hon. Jill Hennessy (Victorian Attorney-General)
    The Victorian Treaty and the Victorian Traditional Owners Settlement Act 
  2. Judge Carrie Wainwright (Maori Land Court)
    Recognising Indigenous Rights Other Than Through the Grant of Title to Land in New Zealand
  3. Mark Smith, Sashia Leung, (BC Treaty Commission)
    The British Columbia Treaty Making Experience
1215 Lunch
1315 Keynotes B:

  1. Prof Megan Davis (University of NSW)
    The Uluru Statement from the Heart: where to next for First Nations
  2. Senator Patrick Dodson (invited)
    Inclusion of First Nations in the Co-Design of the National Indigenous Voice
  3. Panel Discussion: Prof Marcia Langton, Prof Megan Davis, Commissioner June Oscar, Commissioner Jill Gallagher, Brad Haynes, Vice president – Corporate Relations Australia, Rio Tinto
1515 Afternoon Tea
1530 Plenary Session:

Role of Native Title Sector in National Voice and treaties

1700 Day 1 Close
1800 Private MCG Tour
1900 Dinner
0900 Opening Remarks:
0930 Workshop Session 1

State and Territory Treaties – The Traditional Owner Experience

  • British Columbia (Mark Smith, Sashia Leung)
  • The Noongar Settlement, (SWALSC)
  • Northern Territory – Josie Douglas (Central Land Council)
  • Victoria – Jason Mifsud (FVTOC)
1100 Morning Tea:
1130 Workshop Session 2

Native Title Compensation Claims – The lived Experience and Next Steps

  • Sturt Glacken QC (Senior Counsel – Griffiths)
  • Rebecca Hughes (Instructing Solicitor – Griffiths)
  • Lorraine Jones (Griffiths Claimant)
1300 Lunch
1400 Workshop Session 3

Workshop 3A: The Anthropology of Compensation – North and South

  • Dr Kingsley Palmer (Expert Anthropologist – Griffiths)
  • Chris Griffiths (Griffiths Claimant)
  • Dr Mick O’Kane (Senior Anthropologist, FNLRS – Victoria)

Workshop 3B: Indigenous Cultural Heritage and Ancestral Remains Repatriation – Current Trends and Future Aspirations  

  • Rodney Carter (Chair Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council)
  • Dr Lyndon Ormond – Parker (University of Melbourne)
1530 Afternoon Tea
1600 Conference Wrap Up and Closing Remarks

  • Jamie Lowe
  • Marcus Stewart
1650 Day 2 Conference Close

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